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In Ireland we have helped over 700,000 learners upskill and move forward in their learning and lives.

Discover how we can help your students meet today’s challenges and reap tomorrow’s rewards.

Jim Friars

“As chairman of the ECDL Foundation, I have a great sense of pride when I see the dedication teachers in Ireland have for keeping their students ahead of the curve with ECDL.
Developed in 1997, the goal for ECDL was simple, to improve digital literacy in Europe. Now, over 13 million candidates later,

there is a brand new syllabus for you and your pupils to delve into.
Exposure to technology cannot always be equated with ability to use it.
ECDL can offer the training that gives students the skills they need
to improve their schoolwork and take to college or the workplace.

ICS Skills develops solutions for schools that include a wide range of
externally assessed relevant courses, combined with learning
materials, teacher training and unrivalled support.”
We know from our work with principals and teachers that schools
want to make it possible for students to build their digital skills.

Meet Our Team

As an ECDL School, you have the support of our entire team here at ICS Skills. Your time is precious, and we understand that. This is why every member of staff is passionate about providing teachers and

principals with the best and most efficient experience possible. As an Irish company, we recognise the value and vital role that schools play in shaping the future of the country. We are committed to reinvesting time and money back into the Irish education system.

Thanks to the our network of over 750 centres, we have developed
many educational and innovative initiatives for schools such as Tech Week, F1 in Schools and the Scratch Competition to name just a few.

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The ECDL-Certification

ECDL remains the most recognised computer certification in the world.
Students will learn real-world skills that will enable them to be productive learners, employees, entrepreneurs and citizens.
A once-off lifetime registration to gain the international standard in digital skills certification represents the best investment in ICT for your students

ECDL can be implemented modularly over 6 years making it easier to fit into school timetables.

Our externally assessed, paperless system and free training for teachers all contribute to making the experience as teacher-friendly, time-friendly, and environmentally-friendly as possible.

In choosing ECDL, you will receive unparalleled expert support whenever you need it, however big or small the query.
Our state of the art system has a robust and secure design while maintaining a user-friendly feel.

Contact our dedicated Customer Care team by phone or online. We even provide expert onsite IT support when requested.

   In choosing ECDL, you will receive unparalleled expert support whenever you need it, however big or small the query.
Our state of the art system has a robust and secure design while maintaining a user-friendly feel.

Contact our dedicated Customer Care team by phone or online. We even provide expert onsite IT support when requested.

Tom O’Sullivan,
Deputy CEO, ICS Skills


These certify skills that are considered essential skills – together they form the set of skills and knowledge that are crucial for all.


These certifications cover the broad range of skills and knowledge commonly required of employees in a modern organisation:


These certify skills that enable staff to become ‘power users’ and perform advanced actions in these commonly used applications:


New ECDL comprises a wide range of courses that promise to engage and challenge your students. Each course consists of a practical programme of up-to-date skills and knowledge areas that are completed when your student passes an externally assessed test. Our team is on hand to support you every step of the way.

Our course ware and E-Learning have been designed by us to save you time. New ECDL not only enables your students to develop and certify their computer skills, they can also choose to study the subject areas that interest them the most. This ensures that they are motivated and excited by what they are learning.

100% External Assessment

Dedicated Support Staff

Supplied Courseware

Web Based Testing

E-Learning Included

The Computing Curriculum

In June 2012 a group of teachers and educators met, at the behest of ICS Skills, to start a process of creating a syllabus in computing for the junior cycle of Irish 2nd level schools.
To this process members of the Syllabus Working Group brought their passion for the use of Information Technology in education in all its forms.

As a pilot programme ICS Skills ran two modules – Digital Media and Computational Thinking – in 45 second-level schools around the country between September 2012 and May 2013.
Arising from the pilot’s success and the overwhelmingly positive feedback from schools ICS Skills developed the Computing Curriculum.

ICS Skills Computing Curriculum consists of four courses, each a minimum of 25 hours class time. You and your school can implement the computing curriculum in whatever way suits your
schedule best. For example, you may choose to teach it over the course of one or several years, and decide to teach some or all of the modules.

This Curriculum formalises, as well as enhances and reinforces the good work around computing that is being done by many schools already. It is completely complementary to ECDL,
taking your students to the next level.

More information

This new package from ICS Skills provides schools with a complete ICT curriculum, including access to resources that cover everything in the broad spectrum of eSkills.
This includes everything from digital literacy and content creation, all the way up to high-level software programming and design. 16 modules are currently available, with more on the way.

Currently one in two second-level students have the opportunity to study ECDL. This gives them a distinct advantage for their future prospects.
We believe that by the end of secondary education, every student should leave with the confidence to go into this technology dependent world having mastered fundamental digital skills.

We have added in options for Short Courses to this bundle to increase the flexibility and learning potential for students and teachers.
This new feature means that students will have the necessary time to focus on their studies, whilst also keeping up their digital skills.

Designed to be delivered over six years of secondary school, the complete ICT solution for education prepares students for further study, work and life in the 21st century.

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Online programme delivery, learner administration, training content development, online testing and certification, telephone and online support, membership, event and project management, and digital marketing and brand promotion – these are among the services provided by ICS Skills. Here are a few of the clients we serve:

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