Please note If you purchase one of these toolkit you can sit your certificate tests in 87-89 Pembroke Road, Ballsbridge, Dublin 4 free of charge. If you go to another test centre to sit an exam you will be charged an invigilation fee by that centre.

Toolkits include the following- Skillscard for recording your results, access to an online learning account for 12 months, unlimited diagnostic tests, certificate tests with a free re-sit if a test is failed.

System Requirements

A listing of software that workstations must be installed, with an easy-to-follow guide to setting up PCs to run the ICS Skills Learning Platform. Includes information on configuring pop-ups and MS Office macro security settings.

Java-Free Browser Plugin Installation

This document describes the steps required to install the PSI In-application Plugin.

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Single module toolkits

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5-module toolkits

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All module toolkit

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  • ECDL Computer Essentials
  • ECDL Online Essentials
  • ECDL Word Processing
  • ECDL Spreadsheets
  • ECDL Presentation
  • ECDL Using Databases
  • ECDL IT Security
  • ECDL Online Collaboration
  • ECDL Image Editing
  • ECDL Web Editing
  • ECDL-endorsed Data Protection

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