ECDL® Certification

How to use HTML, CSS and images to build, update and publish websites on the Internet.


Read and create HTML, and use a basic web authoring software app to create HTML pages.

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Design web page layouts, format text, insert images, and work with hyperlinks and tables.

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Build CSS stylesheets to control formatting and create forms for capturing user input.

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Upload webpages and component files to a local web server and publish them on the Internet.

What you will learn

Gain the knowledge and skills to create and modify tables, queries, forms and reports. Learn how to relate tables, and how to retrieve and manipulate information from a database by using query and sort tools.


Understand key web concepts and terms


Understand the basic principles of HTML and use common HTML mark-up tags to modify the layout of a web page


Use a web authoring application to design and format web pages, format text, and work with hyperlinks and tables


Recognise and use common web image formats and create forms in a web page


Understand and use cascading style sheets (CSS)


Prepare web pages for publishing to a web server

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