ECDL® Certification

How to work with advanced spreadsheet features, from complex functions to collaboration.

iconBecome more confident, efficient and effective in using a spreadsheet application.

CLISTE Resources iconBe able to use advanced functions for logical, statistical, financial and mathematical operations.

CLISTE Subjects iconApply customised number formatting, and create charts with sophisticated chart formatting features.

CLISTE Yearly Plan iconUnderstand various validation, auditing, collaboration and security features to protect data and spreadsheets.

What you will learn

Master the more advanced features of spreadsheet applications – such as logical, statistical, financial and mathematical functions, input validation and spreadsheet auditing, and collaboration, tracking and security options.


Apply advanced formatting options such as conditional formatting and customised number formatting and handle worksheets.


Use functions such as those associated with logical, statistical, financial and mathematical operations.


Create charts and apply advanced chart formatting features.


Work with tables and lists to analyse, filter and sort data.


Create and use scenarios.


Validate and audit spreadsheet data.


Work with named cell ranges, macros and templates.


Use linking, embedding and importing features to integrate data.


Collaborate on and review spreadsheets.


Apply spreadsheet security features.

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